Earn A Bike

The YMCA Earn a Bike program increases the amount of physical activity performed by the students and improves the nutritional content of their diets and the diets of their families in order to lower the rate of childhood obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in the community.

Program Information

This is a free program which hosts elementary school students along with their parents in a health and wellness program consisting of 8 weeks of exercise and nutrition classes taught by YMCA instructors. Once the session is complete, and the students and parents have satisfied their participation requirements, students are awarded with a new bicycle, helmet and lock so they can continue to practice healthy living.

It takes a community-wide effort to bring these programs to light and that includes generous donations from local corporations and fundraising from the YMCA Annual Campaign.  You can learn more about supporting these initiatives here.

Organize Earn a Bike in Your Community!

To start a program contact Dolores Marikian at

For information about current programs in your area contact:

  • Riverside County – Mark Barriere at

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Earn A Bike at the Riverside County YMCA

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